Creatively Fit Coaching

“Your life is the canvas of your soul.” ~Whitney Freya
As your Creatively Fit Coach, I will teach you how to use painting as a magic wand to create positive change in your life!

Never painted before? Can’t draw a straight line? Even better! Whether you are an experienced painter or believe you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I can help you get “creatively fit”, which means that you will connect more to the part of you that knows how to access your intuition, sees solutions and possibilities, and speaks a language of color and feeling and energy and love.

We have been trained to use our “left brain” most of the time, which is logical, analytical, and organized. It tells us to make decisions based on things that look good on paper, and ignore our gut instincts. We need that to function, but it has limitations. It is fear based, designed to keep us safe. Our left brain doesn’t like uncertainty, so resists risk.

But there’s a whole other part of us that can tap into a bigger part of ourselves; a part of us that is connected to universal wisdom, or at least our own wisdom.

Painting, as well as other creative activities engages our “right brain”, and helps us to “flow” with life instead of fight with it.

Have you seen the Ted Talk with Dr Jill Bolte Taylor?

In this talk, former Harvard Brain Researcher Dr. Jill, shares how she found “Nirvana in her right brain.” She was not aware of this entirely separate feeling personality within herself until she lost her entire left brain faculties because of a stroke. She believes she survived so that she could “educate others about how their brains work, that they have a right hemisphere, and that they want to get there.”

This is what I do as a Creatively Fit Coach; get you into your right brain and strengthen that mental muscle so that you can learn from, be strengthened by, and BLOOM because of (yes, because of) these life challenges.

Being “Creatively Fit” allows us to use both parts of our brain to create our life as we see fit.