About Hand Analysis

Your Fingerprints Decoded

There are three pieces of information revealed in your fingerprints:

Your Life School:

The fundamental point of view, or filter through which you see, feel and react to the world. Are you in the school of peace? wisdom? love? or service? Each one has its own rewards and challenges.

Your Life Lesson:

Your Life Lesson is the part of you that needs strengthening in order for you to accomplish your Life Purpose. It’s that thing that keeps getting in the way of you fully living your life purpose – until you understand it and learn from it. It’s your blind spot as well as your greatest opportunity for growth.

Your Life Purpose:

Your Life Purpose is not your job, or your values, or your goals. It is the purpose that underlies all those elements. It’s what you came here to do, in whatever context you choose to do it in. Were you born to be The Leader? Are you perhaps an artist, or innovator, bringing something new to the world? Will your greatest fulfillment come when you use the skills you’ve gained in your life as a mentor or teacher, nurturing your protégés? Maybe you’re a healer or, maybe bringing family and community together is your purpose. These are just a few of many possibilities that your fingerprints may tell us about your life purpose.

Hand analysis is a scientific system that can give you profound insight about yourself from the markings in your hands. Hand analysis can help you understand your life purpose and what gets in your way of living your life to the fullest. It’s a system that that incorporates some elements of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy. It’s a repeatable system that anyone can learn. It is not predictive (fortune telling), and does not require psychic ability.

We all know that our fingerprints identify us physically, but now we also know that they have a lot of other information too. Our fingerprints are formed five months before we are born and never change. They are actually a blueprint for our lives. They tell us our greatest strengths (life purpose) and our greatest challenges (life lesson). This information, along with other things like the shape of our hands and the lines in our palms, gives a trained hand analyst a good picture of who you were designed to be in this life.

During a hand reading, we’ll discuss how the information in your hands fits into your life – where you are being successful, and where your challenges are. Your challenges are written in your hands and when you understand them, you can overcome them easier, and feel freer to express your purpose.

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or Zoom (video conference).

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Personal Reading

This 60 minute session includes Your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, and any gift markings you may have.

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A fun and enlightening evening for you and your friends! Each guest receives a unique, personalized reading.

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Would you like to help others find their life purpose? You can become a Hand Analyst!

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