Art of Soul Painting Workshops

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!
Discover  how to access your inner wisdom and express it on the canvas!
Create change in your life!

Art of Soul Painting Workshops

Triple Spiral is a symbol of creative inspiration

When was the last time you had a conversation with your soul? Your soul speaks to you all the time. Do you listen? Do you respond? You may not hear it if you’re too busy taking care of everyone else.

Your soul speaks in a language that your right brain understands.  A language of symbols and colors and sounds, feelings, synchronisities, and ideas that pop out of “nowhere”. The things you love. What you Really Really Really want! (Your right brain is the more creative part of you that gets shut down when you spend most of your time doing practical things.)

Painting is a way you can engage in a conversation with your soul. You can delight in the pure pleasure of playing with colors on the canvas. That alone can start the conversation. As you allow yourself to simply play, you begin to shift more into your right brain. You might notice how much you just LOVE the way the colors blend and swirl, and make you happy for no logical reason at all. You might hate the way it looks and learn something about yourself from your internal dialog about that. You might discover something emerging in your painting that you didn’t plan on. This can be a message from your soul. You can enhance that. Paint it as a symbol of that message.

By Whitney Freya

Or, you could intentionally paint a symbol that supports the energy of what you want to create in your life.

Sacred symbols have universal meanings and have been used for hundreds of thousands of years.

The butterfly is a symbol of the incredible transformation and rebirth that is a natural part of life and can help support your difficult transitions.

Do you need to feel more grounded? More safe and secure? Paint an elephant to connect with that energy.

Looking for inner peace? Paint a Buddha painting.

Change Your Story Change Your Life!

Each unique workshop is designed to assist you in uncovering your personal story and transforming it into a more empowering one. You will be guided through painting a symbol that energetically supports that transformation.


Next Class: (Check back for times), Bella Luna Spa, Pawleys Island

Butterfly Magic

Honor your own life transitions like the butterfly’s metamorphosis, as you paint your beautiful butterfly.

Elephant Love
Reclaim YOUR strength, beauty and wisdom as you paint your mighty, gentle elephant.

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