Christine is absolutely on her life purpose and doing what she’s meant to do. She did a hand analysis for me and validated important distinctions about my abilities and challenges that I suspected about but never knew how to confirm, let alone know how to leverage or manage. Thanks to her, I am now very clear that I’m on my life purpose and doing what I’m meant to be doing to help other people and myself. This clarity is empowering and gives me added confidence to focus my energy on doing my work. If you are wondering whether you’re on the right path, don’t waste another second figuring it out on your own. Christine is the powerful shortcut who will help you clarify your life purpose, life lessons to focus on and your gifts so you can stop wasting time wondering and spend more time doing. Make the smart choice, see Christine right away!

June Wee-Grant Nov 21,2017

If you haven’t ever had a hand analysis- you need to call Christine Carlsen Kidder. Today I was blessed (and blown away) to have experienced this amazing reading. Validated a lot of who I am, as well as what I need to become in order to fulfill my purpose. Thank you Christine! I am still reeling from the amazing reading. XO,

Olde Magick Ways
Oct 6, 2017

Just had a hand analysis by Christine Kidder of Your Creative Purpose!  Eye opening. Fun. Affirming. Confirming. A bit scary.

Still kind of in shock what she knew about my business and personal life – what I’m doing right; what I can do better. What needs to be fixed. I’m not talking horoscope or astrology here. I’m talking concrete truths with breakthrough solutions. Thanks Chris!

Rich Digirolamo
Jan 22, 2014

I have been going to a Peaceful Place Massage and Wellness Center in Clifton Park for a few years. Recently, I found out that a palm analysis class was going to be offered by Christine Kidder of Your Creative Purpose. Since I applied to grad school, I thought this would be an interesting class to attend and learn about my life direction.

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet with Christine who analyzed my hands. Christine explained thoroughly what the lines on my palms of my hands mean and touched on aspects of my personality and spirituality that knew deep down were true.I was intrigued to meet with her for an in depth hand analysis. At our second meeting, based on a detailed analysis of my hand prints, Christine and I discussed my life purpose and gifts. This meeting with Christine reaffirmed that I was going in the right direction of counselling recovering addicts, and offering hope to a population that society, on a whole, deems “forgotten.”

I would like to emphasis that hand analysis is scientific practice, and is in no way associated with physic readings. Christine’s function is more of a job/life coach. Christine has studied this scientific art for many years, and I strongly recommend a consultation for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and life direction.

Anne W. Latham, NY
December 19, 2013

Thank you so much for this, Chris. I am inspired. I have begun Artists Way, morning pages, kicking and screaming the whole way, but appreciating the clearing of space and the clarity I am getting in only a few days! God, I hate it when someone else knows what’s best for me.

To future collaboration and much appreciation and love,

Cate LaBarre, Life coach

I met Christine at a workshop and when she told me what she did I was fascinated. I wanted to know more. So she sent me her hand printing kit and I took the plunge. Christine’s consultation was so spot on about my life, where I was, where I was going and who I would be. She was able to give me insight into things about myself that only I and my hands could actually know. She was spot on about my intuition and challenges.

She told me about the way I love and like to be loved and that was absolutely the truth. She told me about my gifts and capabilities and my abilities to help people find their way in life thorough my Coaching practice. Since working with Christine, my faith in what I do have tripled, I am so confident that I am supposed to be a Confidence and Self-esteem coach. That is what I do. I am working building my clients and having great time doing it as fun is really important to me. Christine, is extremely good at what she does, and how she does it.

Christine’s reading gives you clarity and like a map, sets you on the right road to being who you came to be, by sorting out those little nagging steps that trip you up every so often. I have referred friends to her and they have also experienced a shift in their lives and they feel sure that they are on the right road. After working with Christine, there is no second guessing with what you here to do for yourself and in your life.

Thank you Christine. I would be happy to share with anyone that
needs feedback.

Noreen Sumpter
Confidence and Self-Esteem Coach, Brooklyn, NY