Clarity Session

Are you struggling with something in your life?

Do you have a big decision to make?

Do you feel stuck in your job or relationship and don’t know how to change things?

Where Would You Like More Clarity?

What are you worrying about on a daily basis that is draining your energy and causing you to feel distracted or anxious?

Are you worried about your business? …your kids? …your health? …your ability to do the things you want to do? …your job? …you want to change jobs or careers, but don’t know how?

In a CLARITY SESSION you will get to the root of your worry, replace the worry with an empowering belief AND a powerful symbol that can be used as a visual talisman, guiding your thoughts and imagination towards what you WANT, rather than imagining (worrying about) what you DON’T want!

Take a moment to reflect on what worrying really is.

When you worry, you are literally painting a picture in your mind of exactly what you DON’T want to happen. Why do we do this? Because we don’t have CLARITY around what we DO want! We don’t have clarity because there is…

#1. A LIMITING BELIEF that is guarding the doorway to what we desire, blocking our entry because we don’t even realize the guard is there! This limiting belief is something sneaky, a story you started telling yourself a long time ago. It will sabotage all of your efforts to move forward until you pull it up by its roots!

#2. You have “baggage” around the words you are repeating in your mind. If you are worried about MONEY, the word MONEY has loads of energy behind it attached to what you DON’T want. If you are worried about your kids because of your DIVORCE, the word DIVORCE is loaded with negative baggage. If you are worried about your HEALTH, you have already spent hundreds of hours worried about your HEALTH and whatever you want to change (i.e. weight, energy levels, etc.)

What happens in a CLARITY SESSION to change these 2 factors that are working against you?

#1. I will help you identify the limiting belief that is at the root of your worry and replace it with a NEW BELIEF that you really, really, really believe. You will do more than just change, “I worry about money,” to “I have all the money I want.”  Maybe your new belief is, “I have always had the money I really needed AND I know I am opening up to new ways to receive more and more money.”  I will guide you until you voice a new belief that really clicks for you!

#2. You will be given a SYMBOL that triggers in your entire being the energy of your NEW BELIEF. Symbols have NO baggage! Next time your worry comes to mind, you will have learned how to replace it with your new belief simply by bringing your symbol to mind. This is an ancient practice called a YANTRA. You will learn all about it in your Clarity Session.

In your one hour Clarity Session you will be guided from worry to EXCITEMENT! You will be given invaluable tools that you can use over and over again to replace all of your worries with optimistic, loving, and exciting ideas around all that is possible for YOU! You will receive a SYMBOL for your biggest worry and learn all you need to repeat this process for yourself, your kids, your spouse, friends….

You will also learn how to really strap rocket boosters to your dreams by bringing exactly what you DESIRE into full color! Your Clarity Session will last one hour, ideally on Skype, and will include a worksheet to prepare and a follow-up, accountability tool to help you follow through and continue to create CLARITY in your life.

Session can be done in person or on Zoom.

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