Elephant Love Postcards



In honor of World Elephant Day, Aug 12, save $10 on a beautiful box of Elephant Love Post Cards!

The Story

On April 27th, 2015, in Zimbabwe, Antonella Bargione, a Creatively Fit Coach, gathered with a tribe of elephants and a tribe of women to honor the divine feminine LOVE embodied and preserved in both tribes. The women came for healing…from the elephants.

In a symbol of our unity and love, many of us in the “herd” of Creatively Fit Coaches painted ELEPHANT PAINTINGS to share the energy of Antonella’s event.

Then, Erna said, “We should make a set of cards from these paintings!”

“In April 2015 I, Antonella, co-facilitated a pilgrimage in Zimbabwe working in consciousness with wild Elephants in a National Park, to receive their teachings.

Elephants embody the Feminine; our Mother Earth energy of Unconditional Love. Elephants show us at any time how to live in Presence. They see us.

Close your eyes for a moment and picture the majestic beauty of a roaming heard of elephants in the wild …  you may connect to one… What’s the message for you?”

You can order a box of 100 of these beautiful cards and share the love with your tribe for $34.99 + shipping.

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