Creative on Purpose – Soul Painting

There’s a lot of information about you in your hands- Your life purpose, your life lesson, information about your emotional make up that influences your relationships, your thinking style, and a lot more. You might have gift markings, indicating you have extra potential talent. You might have challenge markers, suggesting you may have certain areas of you life that could use some attention.

palm print

In a Soul Painting Session, we’ll take one aspect from your hands- maybe one specific marker, or a general theme, and youll learn about the “student path” and master path of it.

We’ll use this information as a key element in a painting that I will guide you through, to whatever degree you want/ need.  The process of doing the painting will give you insights, and the finished piece will support your vision of staying on the master path, by containing that specific energy within it, as well as being a reminder to you.

Prices start at $125 for a 90 minute private session. Ask about group rates or discounts for multiple sessions. Sessions can be in person or on Zoom.

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