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Seems like a simple question. But is it really? What if your definition of love is different than your partner’s? Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like you weren’t receiving the love you wanted/ needed/ deserved? Or, no matter what you did, your partner never thought it was enough? Have you ever felt like you compromise in relationships more than you’d like to, but you don’t know how to say how you really feel? Or have you ever just been frustrated or confused about why a relationship didn’t work?

The truth is, everyone is not built the same when it comes to emotional style, needs and motivations. This can be easily seen in people’s hands; Their heart lines in particular. The heart line reflects the kind of emotional system a person has. It tells us how much time we spend with our feelings and how we like to express them to others, as well as how we want love expressed to us. It also shows our non- negotiable need in relationships.

Understanding your unique love language (and your partner’s) can really help you create and sustain deeper, more satisfying  relationships. One of the best ways to understand your emotional design is to learn about your heart lines on your hands. There are four basic heart lines. You might have the same one on  both hands or they may be different. You might also have more than one type on one or both hands. We can be complicated creatures. None of them are wrong. What is wrong is trying to be different from the way you’re designed to please someone else, or expecting others to do be like you. (Wrong in the sense that it never turns out well.) For stronger relationships with better communication where each person feels loved in the ways that are important to them, it’s really helpful to understand your heart lines.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to offer several ways I can help you do this.

I’ll  be doing several heart line workshops. If you’re local to Myrtle Beach, come join me this Saturday at Inlet Yoga from 1-3:30. For more info an that, Click here.

I’m also going to do a couple of free introductory classes online about heart lines. The first one will be next Thursday, Feb. 20 at 8:00pm est. This will be in my new Facebook group, The Art of Living on Purpose.You can join that group here. Please join even if you can’t make the class. It will be recorded and posted there if I can make that work technically. (This will be new for me- running a Facebook group.)

Or, you can book a Relationship Reading with me. This is helpful whether you’re in a relationship currently or not. We can look at just your hands or yours and someone else’s. It can be a romantic partner, friend, business partner, or family member. Heart lines reflect your emotional style with all relationships. This can be done from anywhere with photos or hand prints on Zoom. (video conference.) For details click here.

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