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I have always had a strong drive to create art, or to “be an artist”. I know that even if you don’t have a particular interest in that, Apollo, or creativity is the most common life purpose that shows up in people’s hands, (fingerprints, in particular) sometimes alone, and sometimes in combination with other things. So, I think it’s important to explore what creativity means.

There are many definitions of creativity. I like to think of it as the authentic expression of who you really are.

I had a booth at a women’s expo a couple of weeks ago with a banner with my business name, “Your Creative Purpose” behind me. One woman asked me what that means. So I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

I believe everyone is creative. We may not all be good at or interested in painting or making music or some other form or “art”. But if you’re alive and conscious, you are by your nature, a creative being.

“Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: Pure creative energy. There is an underlying, in dwelling creative force infusing all of life- including ourselves.” Julia Cameron

We all have our own interests, passions, desires, likes and dislikes that make us unique. We have a natural drive to express ourselves based on those things. For some people it may look like art. For others it may be the way they raise their children or how they run their company or decorate their home, or anything else. The important thing is that it is the authentic expression of the individual. It is not something that is learned.

I’m not saying we can’t be creative with what we learn. In fact, we’re constantly exposed to learning opportunities from other people and experiences. But the way we use them and the way we connect the different things we learn is how our creativity shows up.

“The human brain cannot deliberately concentrate on two separate objects or ideas,
no matter how dissimilar, no matter how remote, without eventually forming a connection
between them”… Leonardo da Vinci

So why is it sometimes so hard to express our creativity?

We get lost in our circumstances and deny or forget our deepest desires. Actually, those “circumstances” are part of the plan. We each have a specific life lesson that is directly related to those circumstances. We feel “powerless”. We have “responsibilities”. We “don’t have enough money”. We have relationship problems, or family issues. These are all life lesson possibilities that could show up in your fingerprints. Don’t worry, there are more. These things can sometimes become the focus of our lives distracting us from our true desires. They can become our excuse for not doing our creative work. When we put so much energy (time, money) into our life lesson, it’s easy to forget what we’re passionate about. But when we are connected to our passions, our creativity flows from there.

Your creativity is directly connected to your life purpose. You can be more creative when you know your purpose, and you can also connect to your purpose through creative work/ play. Art making, and music and dance are some of the ways you can shift into a more right brain way of being, which is more intuitive, more creative, more holistic, more connected to your higher self. So, even if you don’t have a particular interest in being an artist, doing some form of art on a regular basis can help you discover things about yourself that you didn’t know, and become a more complete version of you.

Do I work with only artists? Yes and no. Based on what I just wrote, I feel like everyone is an “artist” of sorts. But not everyone is comfortable with that label. So, no. I work with all kinds of people who have gotten distracted by their “circumstances” (life lesson?), and have gotten off track from their purpose. I help people remember who they really are, and help them discover their own built in resources to deal with the obstacles in their path to their life purpose.

“When you’re on purpose, your creativity can soar.” Bernie Dohrmann, CEO Space founder and CEO.

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