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Be Here Now!

Understanding and living your purpose (which is literally written in your fingerprints), is especially important during difficult times or times of transition in your life. Otherwise, it’s easy to get sucked into your life lesson, which is also in your fingerprints. You don’t want to stay there too long!

I am going through a big transition in my life. I’m in the process of fixing up our house to sell it (an enormous undertaking), and move to another state, and also looking for a new house there. Oh, and I’m trying to balance that with running a business. So, I went and did what seems like a crazy idea. I committed to a five month private coaching program, working with someone who is helping me focus on my creativity. This involves a daily time commitment for creativity, as well as several full days of painting.

I have been overwhelmed with trying to balance all there is to do, so it seems a little nuts to take on another thing right now. But, I know that this will help me manage it all better. You see,  my life purpose according to my fingerprints is mentor to artists. That says I’m a mentor/ teacher, and an artist. The mentor part comes easier for me. I know in my heart that creativity is definitely the other part, but I’ve had a harder time making that a priority. But I know that when I do, I feel more complete and my life works better. That’s why I’ve committed to making creativity part of my daily routine especially during this time of transition.

This morning, I spent some time painting. Nothing special, just playing with colors on paper. It took me a while to get started, but eventually, I was into it and enjoying what I was creating. Then I sat down and did some writing. I’ve been doing “morning pages’ (stream of consciousness journaling ) for many years, but not much lately, with the current chaos in my life. Lately, when I try, I’m too scattered to get into it. But, today after painting, words came easily. The first thing I wrote was about how I spent over an hour painting, and while it was fun, I’m still not sure how it connects to anything else other than being in the moment. Hello!! There was my lesson! Be in the moment! Be here now! We’re all familiar with the concept, but this was more than a nice idea in my head. It was an understanding that only comes from experience.

I felt more grounded and able to move forward with my day with a more focused and intentional energy, rather than stressing over all the things I’m not doing at the moment.

This is just the beginning. I intend to continue with my daily art making, and fully expect to learn many more life lessons as I learn more about painting. I trust that this will support me and help me grow as I move forward.

You can’t just talk about your purpose. You have to do it! Knowing without doing isn’t really knowing.

If you’re not sure what your life purpose is, I can help you with that. Schedule a life purpose hand reading here.

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