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Learn to Read Hands with The American Acadamy of Hand Analysis

  • Are you a coach, healer therapist or anyone who helps people with personal or professional development or spiritual growth?
  • Are you on a personal development path and love learning new ways of understanding yourself and others?
  • Are you still searching for your life purpose?
  • How would you like to learn a powerful tool for clarity and rapid progress in personal growth?

Learn to read hands!

Scientific Hand Analysis has been called, “the ultimate coaching tool.”
I would add, “The ultimate personal growth tool.”

This is not fortune telling. It is non-predictive hand reading based on thousands of hands studied over several decades. It combines  elements from ancient palmistry, modern psychology and the science of fingerprint forensics. It is teachable, repeatable, and you don’t need psychic abilities. Anyone can learn it like learning a foreign language.

Our hands have a wealth of information about who we are. The shape, color, flexibility and lines contain information about our personality; our emotional style, how we think, our natural tendencies, strengths, gifts and challenges and energy. All of that can change over time.

The only thing in our hands that can’t change is our fingerprints. Our fingerprints are formed before birth and contain our life purpose. As amazing and useful as that is, we also have a life lesson written there, which can be even more useful to understand. With hand analysis, we can decode all this which can be very empowering and truly life changing.

Upcoming Life Purpose Intensive

3 Day Online Training with Associate Faculty Teacher Christine Kidder

Week of Sept 14, 2020

Life Purpose Hand Analysis Foundations Intensive

21-hours chock-full of rich and immediately usable content

Next Live In Person Training with Associate Faculty Teacher Christine Kidder

  • WHEN: Week of Sept 14, 2020 (Exact days TBD)
  • WHERE: Your Computer

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your life is in your hands palm reading

1 copy of Kay Packard’s book Your Life Is In Your Hands; Practical Palm Reading for Purposeful Living

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Complimentary 45-minute hand analysis session

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