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You must play the hand you’ve been dealt (or chosen?)

Remember the board game, Life? Well, what if life really is a game? Let’s play. Here are the rules: First, understand, life is not fair. Everyone chooses a purpose, and a lesson to learn, as well as which “Life School” they will be in for the duration of the game. The Life School choices are: The school of Peace, Wisdom, Love or Service. They each have their own challenges and rewards. You can choose special “gifts”. No one competes with anyone else, only themselves. Each attribute you choose has a “Student Path”, and a “Master Path” associated with it. Winning the game is not a final destination, but rather involves staying on the Master Path of your unique design more often than not. There may be times you are winning more, and other times, you’re losing. Oh, be careful when choosing those “gifts”. They come with penalties for underutilization.

An alternative version of the game is that you are simply dealt your hand and must play what you get. Nothing else changes, but in the first version, you are empowered to take responsibility for your life, even the difficult parts, except there’s one catch. Once the game begins, your memory is erased of any of these choices. So you may not feel empowered until you get on your Master Path. Version two goes pretty much the same way, but you get to feel like a victim of your circumstances. Or, you can still go that route and decide it’s God’s will, and feel good about it.

Either way, you’ll want to work on getting on and staying on your “Master Path” as much as possible. By the way, regarding that “Life’s not fair” rule, if you’re playing the first version, (which I recomend), What may seem unfair may just be the means to learning what you chose to learn in this game.

We do get clues about our Master Path. When your life is in chaos in some way, or there seems to be more struggle in some area (finances, or relationships for example) than seems fair, you are probably on your student path. Sometimes, your life lesson can be such a distraction, it becomes an excuse to avoid your purpose. Then you’re on the student path of both your lesson and your purpose.

When life is sweet, feels good and things seem to be working out perfectly, you’re on your Master Path! Just keep doing what ever lead to that. Yes, it takes a lot of trial and error.

If you want a more precise way, there IS an instruction manual, or a blueprint. It’s in your hands, literally! Your fingerprints in particular contain your life purpose, life lesson, and life school. They are formed before you’re born and never change. Understanding your unique blueprint for your game of life can give you a big advantage in the game. The best way I know to discover and understand your unique blueprint is a hand analysis. If you haven’t had one yet, contact me any time to find out more about that. Whether or not you consciously know what’s in that blueprint or not, (in the language of hand analysis), you are living with it. As one of my teacher says, “If it’s in your hands, it’s in your life.”

Whether or not you have already had a hand reading, there are many simple things you can do to help you win the game. I’m going to start sending out a weekly short email with tips, thoughts and ideas to help you stay on YOUR Master Path. Until then, Enjoy the game!

Oh, that’s my first tip. Remember to have fun! (It’s just a game.)

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