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The last article I wrote was about intuition. A lot of interesting things have been happening to me since then. I’ve become very aware of a lot of synchronicities, lately; You know, those “coincidences” like when you think of someone you haven’t talked to in years and they call at that moment? I’ve had a few more profound experiences too, but too complicated to go into here. Suffice it to say that the more I’ve paid attention to my “random thoughts”, the more it leads me to things that look like magic.

Intuition is an inner knowing. Being aware of, or tuned in to something without knowing how you know. Trusting your intuition is another story. Trusting your intuition involves paying attention and acting on it when appropriate. Sometimes it may seem easier to look for answers from others. That’s ok sometimes, but this works best when someone else simply reflects back to us what we already know, but maybe didn’t trust. When you get answers from others that don’t feel right, that’s your intuition telling that you DO know the answer and it’s not this.

I was coaching a client the other day and one of the things we worked on was trust. Self trust. Trusting her intuition. I had no problem seeing that this was her problem and helping her to recognize it and figure out what she can do about it. It was only later after we were done, that I realized a couple of things.

First, the thing I was helping her with was exactly what I needed to hear myself. In fact, it’s part of my life lesson that’s written in my fingerprints. I was able to see very clearly the answers I also needed when it was someone else’s issues.

She told me that I was a great mirror for her; that I could see in her and reflect back what she could not.

This reminds me of something I’ve heard and have come to believe: “What we’re here to learn is the what we’re here to teach.”

Second,we attract people into our lives who are mirrors for us, to remind us who we are.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and don’t see anything good, or think we don’t have the answers we need inside us. Sometimes, our personal mirror is broken, is distorted, or foggy. Trusting a broken mirror is bad luck! How do you know when it’s broken? Easy: You can’t see yourself. You don’t see your value, gifts, your abilities. You think you don’t have answers. (You are not trusting your intuition.)

Here’s the thing. We do have the answers, but sometimes we need a human mirror to see them clearly. We all need people in our lives who can reflect back the things we can’t see.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for guidance outside yourself. In fact, for many challenging issue around personal or spiritual growth, or business or creative issues; any area you want to improve,you need support. You can’t do it alone. Whether you find that in a friend or family member, or you hire a mentor or coach to help you, be sure to not give away your power to them. No one else knows what’s best for you. That’s not to say people can’t teach you things, but only you know when the answer is right for you. You can feel it. That’s your intuition speaking.

When you learn something that inspires, interests, or excites you, that tells you something about yourself. If you think about the people you admire and respect, they probably have certain qualities that you also have (or would like to have.) They say and do things that sound or feel right to you.

When you’re inspired by someone, be inspired by yourself, because whatever is attractive about them to you also exists in you, at least as a value, a desire, or a belief, and therefore, potential.

Ironically, sometimes, to learn to trust yourself (your intuition), you have to look at others and see what they reflect back to you about your self. But then internalize that part of you and own it.

If you don’t have a good friend or relative who does this for you, hire a mentor or coach to reflect back your blind spots so you can more fully trust yourself.

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