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This is the season, as we know for giving thanks. But what does that mean, really? It means to be grateful, to appreciate the good things in your life, especially the people. But that’s not always easy. What if you don’t feel like you have much to be grateful for? What if your life is full of struggle and pain, and difficult people and circumstances? What if you’re unlucky? You got dealt a bad hand? What if this life is not what you signed up for, or so you think?

Well, you can be depressed, or bitter, or angry, or lonely. You can feel powerless and blame others or circumstances. You have that choice. Or, you can reframe those things and choose to find some value in those difficult things. You can decide that maybe, in some way, you did sign up for these things. Maybe there’s something you are supposed to learn from your challenges to become a better stronger you, and evolve into a more enlightened person.  And then, maybe, you can actually change the things you don’t like. And maybe you can ultimately use what you’ve learned to help others.

By the way, those difficulties, the really hard things in your life- They are very likely related to your life lesson that is written in your fingerprints. Understanding your life lesson can be a huge step in changing your perspective about your life and empowering you to change it. If you still don’t know your life lesson, you can schedule a hand reading here.

Also, Forgiveness, can be very important. Forgiveness is not easy, but can help you take responsibility for creating the changes you want in your life. Are there people in your life you need to forgive? Do you have things you need to forgive yourself for? Forgiveness does not mean that it’s ok that someone hurt you. It means that you release the anger, blame, guilt or shame so it no longer has power over you. It gives you freedom to grow, to become more whole.

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