Courageous Creativity Summit 2020

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The Love Language in Your Hands

Your hands are a window to your soul. They contain a wealth of information about who you are. Your fingerprints are formed before birth and never change and contain your life purpose and life lesson. In hand analysis tis is called your “soul psychology”. Everything else in your hands, including the lines can change over time, and reflect your “personality psychology.” This includes things like your emotional style, how you think, special talents or challenges you might have.

One line that tells us a lot about you is the Heart Line. Your heart lines reflect your emotional style; How you’re designed to express
your emotions, how you like to give and receive love, what’s most important in relationships to you and how much time you spend with your feelings. This influences all your relationships. Understanding your heart lines and those that you love can strengthen your communication and relationships.

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Your HEART LINE is only one line in your hands, so while it does say a lot about you, there are a lot of other markings in your hands, so it’s only part of the picture. To understand your complete design, including your life purpose and life lesson you can schedule a hand reading.

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