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Life School Guide

Your Life School is the entry point to your Life Purpose. It is your training program, here at Earth University. It is where you have lessons to learn and deep satisfaction as you grow.

There are four Life Schools to choose from. (You chose one – or more- before you were born.) Everyone is in one of them. Some people are in more than one. Understanding your Life School can help gain a new (possibly more empowering) perspective about your life.

The four Life Schools are Peace, Wisdom, Love and Service, and are written in your fingerprints.

This Life School Guide will help you understand the four Life Schools and show you how to determine which one(s) you are in.

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Understanding your Life School is the first step in understanding your Life Purpose. To understand your complete Life Purpose design, including your life purpose and life lesson you can schedule a Life Purpose hand reading with this very SPECIAL OFFER of $97!

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