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Or maybe a better question is… Is there a shortcut to a better life?

In Japan, where palm reading is still a very popular form of fortune telling, there’s a new trend. People are having the lines of their palms surgically altered in hopes of increasing their luck or changing their fate. Read about it here.

While I can tell a lot about a person from the lines in his hands, this kind of predictive fortune telling has little to do with what I know about hands. However, this idea of changing your lines surgically is kind of a fascinating concept to me.

As a hand analyst, I know that the lines in your hands can change over time. The lines reflect the neural pathways in your brain and your experiences or habits can create or change lines. So I wonder if it could work the other way around. Like how they say if you’re feeing sad and fake or force a smile, it actually changes something in your brain and you will become happier. So, what if you have a very messy heart line, indicating difficulties with relationships? Could making that line cleaner and nicer make your relationships better? Or what if you have a short head line, indicating that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking, and probably make quick decisions. Could lengthening that line make you a gifted problem solver? What if you have no Apollo line, a line that suggests a lot of creative energy? If you created one, would you get more creative energy and focus?

Maybe this could work, but it seems a little like trying to cheat the system, or or a cop out, looking for an easy way to fix your life without effort. (How many people do you know whose best financial plan is to win the lottery?)

This surgery is an intriguing concept, but it’s probably better to use the information in your hands to understand what the lines and markings really say about you — your strengths and challenges, and use that to help you make the best of what you have. It may require more work, but the results will be more authentic. Your life doesn’t get better by luck. It requires effort.

By the way, while the lines in our hands can change, our fingerprints never do, and they contain our life purpose information. So while we can see changes in our palms that can reveal growth or challenges, our life purpose never changes. The growth opportunity here is to understand your purpose as much as possible so you can express it appropriately, but maybe differently as you evolve.

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