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In case you’re new here, I’ll just mention that we all have a specific life purpose that is literally written into our fingerprints. Really! It’s fascinating and amazingly accurate! Sometimes, when we feel like our life is NOT on track, we may be avoiding our life purpose, for any number of reasons, and actually be in our life purpose inverse!  (We’re usually not aware, and have lots of excuses or blame.)

I just got back from a little vacation of sorts. I took a break from my reality. I ran away for almost two weeks. I had been sick since before Christmas with a terrible cough. I was physically exhausted and emotionally pretty drained also. I was having a hard time caring about anything. I knew my life purpose, and not so long ago I remembered feeling passionate about it and having plans for workshops and programs all related to it. I know a lot of other people have been excited about what I’ve been doing and looking forward to what I’m planning for the upcoming year.

But I couldn’t feel it any more. I could relate to the words in this song by Neil Young: “Where did the magic go? I can’t find it no more. I can’t get ot back…”

Knowing something in your head is not the same as feeling it in your heart!

That’s how I was feeling. Again. I’ve been there before. I know the place. Fortunately, this time I didn’t stay there too long.

Now that I know hand analysis, I’ve learned a new term for this place. This is “The Big Gaping Hole”, or a life without meaning. A
lot of people take medication for this (Prozac, weed, wine), some people are just miserable a lot, and some people actually end their lives. It’s not a fun place to be.

Having been there before and back, I knew I had to change some things. Thanks to a good friend, (Thanks Jen!) I had a beautiful peaceful place to escape to in a warm place, so I did this road trip, hoping for rest, healing, and inspiration. ( and maybe a new place to live).

I did get away from the frozen arctic hell where I live, (Can you tell I’m not a fan of winter?) and other things, and I did find some beautiful, peaceful and fun places.  (I have several new favorite places!). In fact, my husband and I have decided that we’re going to move there as soon as we can sell our house.

And I even did a little painting each day. No great masterpieces, but a consistent practice of painting or drawing each day. That should satisfy my “artist” life purpose, or so I thought.

So, I should be refreshed and ready to get back to my life, right? But when I got home, I was still there. I spent an entire day trying to force myself to remember what I care about and what I was going to do with that. What’s up with that?


It’s funny, but this seemingly meaningless little thing is what energized me. 

I posted a few photos on Facebook, and I got a lot of positive response to them. They weren’t anything important or great- just a few photos I took while I was away, and a few pictures of the little daily paintings I had been doing. But the response really made me feel good- totally changed my energy.

Bear in mind, this was different than when I repost something funny or cute, or inspirational that I like and people respond to it. I’ll notice that they respond, but this was different. This was my art. This was personal.

So that’s when I realized what was missing. Connection with people. Specifically, “The Artist” life purpose, that is written in my fingerprints, requires me to express my creativity, and also, to get recognition for it. To be “in the spotlight”. If your life purpose in your fingerprints includes creativity (“the artist”), then you also needs an audience, recognition and applause.

So, even though I have been doing art on a pretty regular basis lately, and even encouraging other people to do so also, I have been focusing on art as kind of  a spiritual practice, focusing more on the process than the finished art. I still see the immense value in this. However, I realize that the part of my life purpose I’ve been avoiding for too long is  having my art be seen. I’ve fantasized forever about having gallery shows of my photos or paintings, or maybe even something else. (I have lots of creative projects on my agenda.)

But I’ve avoided persuing it.

 So now I know it’s time to do something about that. But just that little bit of “spotlight, and that subtle but profound awareness was enough to shift my energy back into a positive, creative place.


How can this help you? Well, if you find yourself in that place, (The Big Gaping Hole), I’ll bet anything  that you’re not living your life purpose, or at least not fully. You may be doing part of it, but there may be  an important part of it that you’re neglecting. Understanding your life purpose as much as possible can make all the difference.

Or, maybe it’s your life lesson that’s got you, but that’s a whole other topic.

Either way, all this stuff is literally in your hands – your fingerprints to be specific.

If you want to discover YOUR life purpose, life lesson and other powerful things that are in your hands, contact me.

(518) 421-2091


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