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Are you ready for new possibilities this Spring?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to say good by to winter and hello to new and better things! I know some of you are in warmer, sunnier places, but here in the Northeast it gets to a point when we’re  seriously ready for change. We’re beyond that point now and the good news is, it looks like it’s really here!

Yes, we’re tired of the cold and gray days but Spring brings the promise of warmth and sunshine and color and that’s not all. With spring comes new life. You can see it everywhere in nature. It never fails. But it’s not just out there. The energy of Spring brings a feeling of possibility of growth, change, and re-birth inside us. Or at least in me. Can you feel it too?

I feel like those tree branches with the buds that are about to sprout into beautiful colorful leaves and flowers. I’m excited about projects I’ve been working on and people I’ve been working with that are all about to blossom!

If not, maybe you can relate to Jupiter life lessons. Powerlessness, victimization and blocked passions.

I’ve become aware of an interesting trend in my business and my life. I’m a hand analyst. I help people understand their life purpose and life lesson from their fingerprints, among other things. Almost all of my clients lately have the same life lesson, or variations of it. This is very unusual because there are many possibilities that can show up in the fingerprints. But they are all coming to me with Jupiter (index finger) life lessons. What does this mean? It’s about power. Reclaiming your power, powerlessness, abusing power, and also victimization, shame, numbing out, and blocked passions. They are all related.

The interesting thing is that we usually attract people into our lives who are like us, or people who are here to teach us something, sometimes mirroring something in us that we haven’t recognized. So, it was interesting to me that I’ve been attracting all these people with similar life lessons but I don’t have that one at all! Don’t worry, I have my own specific lessons but power issues are not supposed to be part of them according to my fingerprints. And trust me, my life lesson definitely shows up in my life.

So, what’s going on?

I realized that I have been experiencing my life lately as if I did have that life lesson. No, it’s not in my fingerprints, but I’ve been acting like it and so I’m getting all these people coming to me for help with these issues and, once again, as I’m helping them see possible ways of reclaiming their power and reconnecting with their passions, I’m helping myself do the same thing. It’s really interesting how that stuff works. And it always does!

So, because of all this, I have been inspired in several ways. First, I’ve become very aware of how that (powerlessness issues and victimization) shows up in my own life, and second, I’m working on a program to help people deal with and break through these issues. I’ve been getting better at trusting my intuition ( I’ve been having more intuition markers showing up in my hands lately), and I believe this is what I’m supposed to do for these people. I have several creativity coming up and I will soon have one specific to this life lesson. Whether it’s your life lesson as written in your fingerprints or you’re living like it is for some other reason, it will help you move from powerlessness and blocked passions to reclaiming your power in your life and rediscovering your passions. I look forward to sharing more info about that soon.

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